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Six reasons to hire right now!

Six reasons to hire right now!

June 2020 by Damian Rhodes

Six reasons to hire right now!

"I'm not joining an organisation that can't make a decision."

Last night I spoke to the new Head of Finance & Accounting in the UK of a global insurance firm. He started his new job from home during the lockdown - a courier delivered his work laptop to his home and his office is a spare room. He was in discussions with three other firms and a significant part of his decision was their willingness for him to start now.

Two months ago, I personally received calls and emails from Finitas reaffirming that they still wanted me to start as soon as possible, even if this meant working from home initially.

The Covid19 pandemic has been a difficult and challenging time for so many people and businesses, especially since lockdown began. In the coming weeks we will see more people returning to the office but there are six good reasons to hire immediately if possible:

  1. Better decision making: How does a candidate respond when being interviewed at home? A more relaxed atmosphere for a job interview is proven to give a more honest insight into the personality and working style. This can help you identify those with the right attitude and team fit.

  2. Slash Time to Hire: Technology allows interviews to take place much faster. My colleagues at Finitas are seeing forward thinking organisations complete the whole process (from sign-off to offer) within four to six working days.

  3. Competitive advantage: If you hire today you will onboard someone who can make an impact when other companies procrastinate. Hiring during lockdown sends a powerful message to the market: "We are ambitious, strategic, bold, technologically advanced and financially robust." People want to do business with you if they know you are serious.

  4. Increase loyalty and trust of new hire: Everyone I have spoken to who was onboarded during the lockdown has a high loyalty to their new employer. "They trusted me to start from home and so I need to prove myself!"

  5. Encourage existing employees: Whether they are working from home or on furlough it sends a very strong signal internally if you have the confidence, resources and ambition to hire now.

  6. Employee Value Proposition: Potential employees - both now and after the lockdown ends - will be attracted to an organisation which doesn't even let a global pandemic stop them hiring.

If you are looking for talent, don't delay, start that process now! My colleagues and I can talk you to you about how our people, processes and technology can make a difference.