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Demystifying IR35 Workshop

Demystifying IR35 Workshop

March 2021 by Michelle Smith

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Demystifying IR35 Workshop – A regulatory burden? Or an opportunity to win the war for talent?

Earlier this month we hosted our Demystifying IR35 Workshop to explore the forthcoming changes to the IR35 legislation. We received feedback that many unfortunately missed this session and are therefore rerunning the workshop again on Tuesday the 30th March at 11am!

There has been much talk and confusion recently regarding the forthcoming changes to IR35 and its implications for private sector organisations’ hiring of contractors.

In this session we will explore the changes to the legislation, what it means for you and your contractors, and how we can help with the transition.

We will also share some real-life insights into how our clients are reacting to the new legislation, and the implications of these actions on their ability to attract the top talent in the market. You will also have the opportunity to assess how our new Status Determination Tool can help you tackle the challenges ahead, and how it can give you a significant advantage in your search for the most talented individuals in the marketplace.

- We will look to address the following:

- What are the implications of getting things wrong?

- What are other organisations doing, and how are contractors reacting?

- Why should you consider an alternative to HMRC’s CEST tool?

- How can our IR35 Status Determination Tool help?

- We will conclude with a Q&A session to address any final questions you may have.

Finitas, part of Precision Resource Group (PRG), assisted hundreds of public sector organisations with this transition in 2017, meaning we have unparalleled experience in this area. Our 2017 program was successful and smooth, but we have since refined & enhanced our processes even further. We are now excited to offer clients access to our market leading IR35 Status Determination Tool which will enable them to ensure 100% compliance, with zero financial risk, and at no additional cost.

We are confident that this workshop will prove to be hugely valuable in helping you further understand the legislation, prevent disruption to your projects and help you maintain a compliant workforce.

And if you have any specific questions around IR35 in the meantime, please feel free to send them through prior to the session.