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New Year, New Job: Advice from a Recruiter

New Year, New Job: Advice from a Recruiter

January 2023 by Finitas
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New Year’s resolutions are back on the cards for many, as 1 in 4 people look to secure a new role. However, the job-hunting process continues to look a little different to what we’re all used to.

Working within senior level recruitment across finance, governance and change, we asked members of our team for their job search advice as we enter 2022: As experts within your market, what is your top tip to help a candidate’s job search in 2022?

Take a look at their top tips and tricks to help you make a great start for a successful candidate journey this year:

Josh Jennings – Lead Senior Consultant - BI & Data

My top tips for anyone searching for a new opportunity in Data & BI is to be an active networker. This is most relevant within the Insurance market of London, it’s not what you know but who you know!

Connect with relevant managers and recruiters to expand your network. Drop them a message to say ‘hey, I’m looking for a new role, can you help?’ so that you’re known to the market. Don’t worry, if they don’t have anything for you now, you’ll be on their shortlists for when something does!

Nail your interview skills – show your passion for the work that you do. A lot of work around Analytics involves speaking to a lot of different people at all levels. So, the more you express passion and great communication, the more you’ll impress!

In summary, be active in your search but not by simply applying to jobs, network with recruiters who will have many great partnerships and be passionate in interviews, demonstrating a proactive, self-starter approach to your work.

Fiaz To – Principal Delivery Consultant - Fintech

Fintech is rapidly growing and is a quickly evolving space. To land a job in this industry, candidates need to stay ahead of the emerging trends and build your network by participating in fintech events or conferences.

No matter what stage of the job-search process you are in, you will always need a ‘stand out’ LinkedIn profile that helps you expand your career: a professional headshot, an eye-catching headline, and an interesting summary of your relevant experience that draws attention.

James Tucker – Lead Consultant - Financial Services

When looking at roles, many people just send their CV out without considering the plan if you’re called in for an interview. Interview preparation is key to being successful.

Yes, you can ‘wing it’ and get lucky, but the best candidates I work with invest their time into researching a business. This includes updates, latest news, and key reasons to work there (e.g. they’re profitable or have a great product or a great market reputation). I always recommend researching the hiring manager experience as it can help you evaluate why you’d like to work with/for them.

When working with a candidate preparing to send their CV or for interview, I always ask them to write a few bullet points highlighting key successes from their career to date, areas of improvement they’ve had, and/or areas they’re proud of. Hiring Managers like to know what their applicants have done and will ask you to talk through your experience. If you’ve prepared by considering positive areas from your career, you should be able to answer this question with ease.

Ella Ross – Lead Senior Delivery Consultant - Financial Services

If you are actively seeking a new role, it is important to take some time to think about what it is you really want from your career move. Is it money? Culture? Or are you looking to join a specific company or industry? Once you know this then it will make your search easier.

If you want to join an insurance company, for example, researching top insurance businesses, following their work and LinkedIn and then connecting with the relevant people will give you a focus. If you know what you want, it ensures the next role will be right for you.

If you’d like any help with your job search or would like to discuss your hiring needs, please get in touch via our contact page, linked here