Stand out from the Competition

Stand out from the Competition

January 2023 by Fran Thompson
Stand out from the Competition

​If a new job is what you want in the new year, you need to start preparing now.

January and February are the best times of year to look for a job, since companies that have a calendar-year budget tend to post new positions during that time. Also, many companies pay annual bonuses at this time of year and once employees have received theirs, they often change jobs which creates a lot of liquidity in the market. Of course, this year, more than most, we are expecting another wave of the Great Resignation.

Here are a few things to think about now so you can get started on your job search and stand out among the competition.


Look back on this past year and note down your key accomplishments, as well as any activities you engaged in or praise you received.

It is also a great time to look ahead and set goals for the new year, to think about skills that you might want to invest in learning to take you where you want to go in your career.

Prepare your LinkedIn profile

Recruiters and potential employers will look at your LinkedIn profile, so make sure it aligns with your CV and is complete so that it appears in search results. Pay close attention to your headline – use key words of the industry and job function you want to be recognised for.

What defines and describes what you do, what are you looking for, and what value do you bring to the organization?

Update your resume

Before you read your resume, make a list of your five to 10 top career achievements. Compare that to what is what is on your CV. Many people fail to objectively update their CV.  Also, look to see how any of your descriptions have changed and if any new vocabulary is now used to describe your roles.

Narrow your focus

Write down the companies and industries you want to work for, so you can immediately start focusing on those in January/February.

Own your accomplishments

Think about what sets you apart and makes you an amazing asset for an organization. Make a list and start practicing how to get that across. This is particularly important for women, who have been taught not to brag.

This is your personal brand, be comfortable with who you are and what you achieved.

About our author

​Fran has over 20 years’ global experience across virtually all segments of the financial services industry. An Executive MBA graduate from Kellogg HKUST, Fran has held senior management positions in international fintech firms and lived in New York, London and Hong Kong. In 2003 she moved into Executive Search, leveraging on her own industry expertise to become a trusted advisor on fintech recruitment.

Fran has a proven track record in identifying and implementing successful market strategies for specific client segments and territories. She is passionate about getting the chemistry right between companies and candidates and is a firm believer that trusted talent solutions are critical to making good companies great.

If you’d like any help with your job search or would like to discuss your hiring needs, please get in touch with Fran here.